Too many tears for too many reasons

Is destiny preparing an awful season

Bad things coming out like poison

Tired out exhausted how to go on

Sitting in front of the wall can you see over

What kind of future you are trying to prepare

There should be a way to escape

Out of this strange landscape

How long will it take

Probably so hard to make

But you came to me and cry confident

I thought that was not by accident

What I told you again you know I m here

All things you want to say from you I can hear

But words are easy and acting is harder

Even if the sky is falling on your head

Even if bad things all around spread

I won’t hide won’t disappear never

But I’m sure you will go through

Cause you have it the little light

At any time shining in your night

And no one could do it better than you

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  1. Stephane dit :

    Oh my god, in english in the text ! C’est bon, ça aussi, de temps en temps… Steve

  2. Killeuse dit :

    Oh Yeah !!!! lol !!
    Qu’elle sont loin mes études d’anglais !! mais j’ai, à peu près compris le sens, et je dirais que pour écrire dans un si bon anglais, " personne ne ferais mieux que toi !! "

  3. Pat dit :

    As in the song :
    "Rain and tears
    In the sun
    But in your heart
    You feel the rainbow waves"

    Thank you for reminding us that we are "co-creators" !

  4. Eric dit :

    Chapeau bas ! Quelle maîtrise ! Et quelle jolie leçon…

  5. Mumu la Grenouille dit :

    In English, now ? Cool, but I don’t understand, sorry, me also ! Kiss !

  6. bibialien dit :


  7. Yuki dit :

    Thank you.
    Keep the faith.
    Have a nice day.
    Take care.
    Love you

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